Cloudification of 
Production Engineering
Predictive Digital

Exp. 3- Improving quality control and maintenance at manufacturing SME’s using big data analytics.

Experiment Partners

Zannini SPA

NissaTech Innovation Centre



Experiment description

Zannini SPA produces high precision mechanical components for hydraulic and pneumatic systems for cars and household appliances. The quality control of this components is at this moment, ran only on a stastistical basis and there is no real-time feedback for adjustment of the process parameters. This leads to undesirable process settings, a high waste rate and a low-capacity index. The current monitoring process does not take into account all available quality data for improving the components quality.

Enabling real-time montioring and analysis will help the production process in order to identify anomalies and divergences at the moment of yielding the components. The HPC platform will execute and process the huge amount of data which will be produced from Zannini manufacturers, in order to run the simulations needed.

Technical Impacts

In this project, Nissatech wants to adapt its new solution: the Data-driven Twin (D2Twin) to Zannini processes. This new solution models the behaviour of a system through a reverse engineering from the company’s old data to new advanced data. This results in an automatized process without any human intervention.
This solution extends the common concept of digital twin by integrating the perspective regarding how the object has been used in the past. It can be used in any domain where data is available.

Economical Impacts

D2Twin rides the major Industry 4.0 digitisation trend where industrial companies will commit some of $907bn or 5% (average) of their revenue in the Industry 4.0 paradigm. Potential customers for D2twin are companies in the field of turned parts, precision engineering components and CNC machined parts. The big data analytics will be applied to identify anomalies and deviations in real-time, that means it will reduce the waste-rate to 12% and it will drive towards a higher capability process index around 15%. In total 150k € are forecasted to be saved in one year. D2Twin solution can scale up quickly by applying such concept to several companies in EU operating in the same sector of Zannini (e.g. precision turned parts) thus using CNC and other related machines.