Cloudification of 
Production Engineering
Predictive Digital


The cloudification of CAx tools is considered an emerging technology that still needs to be customised, integrated, tested and validated before being released to the market. There are not yet commercial solutions that can easily cloudify the demanding requirements of simulation tools. Big factory data and analytics are also emerging technologies with high potential, requiring proof-of-concept and solid validation phases.

The value chain in CloudiFacturing has been extended from the product development to the production process; thus, computational resources and advanced ICT-based solutions can be applied to more use cases increasing the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry in a broader sense. Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) will play a crucial role when supporting SMEs in building innovative business and/or service models or connecting them to financial and training opportunities. CloudiFacturing will build a network of DIHs by incorporating some of them in the project from the start, and also by engaging with and attracting other DIHs to its Digital Marketplace. DIHs will become multipliers of knowledge and expertise created throughout the project and beyond.