Cloudification of 
Production Engineering
Predictive Digital

Third wave of application experiments

We are happy to introduce you the new experiments that are on board of the third part of the CloudiFacturing project.

This year, the following seven experiments are going to work on:

    • Experiment 15: BioOpt: Enhanced production of biomass furnaces through a simulation-based digital twin
    • Experiment 16: Digital twin for optimal encapsulation
    • Experiment 17: Fermicloud: Fermentation production optimisation using cloud manufacturing techniques
    • Experiment 18: 3DCPAM: Advanced clothing production by additive manufacturing 3D printing
    • Experiment 19: Ergonocloud: Cloud-based ergonomic verification for quality management in manufacturing
    • Experiment 20: Clarion: Machine health assessment via energy monitoring
    • Experiment 21: Optimum: Injection process optimization of moulding machines

More information will follow soon! Check out experiment 1-14 from the first two waves in the meantime!