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General Information about the Open Calls

We want to thank all the SMEs who were interested in applying to the CloudiFacturing First Open Call. There were a total of 37 proposals received. To get more information about the results of the evaluation, suscribe to our newsletter here.

CloudiFacturing is a project, which is open to new (teams of) participants (3rd parties) and will run experiments (use cases) to demonstrate and improve the relevance of the provided technology and the proposed Marketplace. Seven application experiments are already defined from the beginning of the project and constituted the first wave. At least 14 additional application experiments will be selected in the course of this project – in Open Call 1 (2018) and 2 (2019 ) – bringing new requirements to CloudiFacturing, new solutions to end users, and Digital Marketplace customers.

The use cases shall clearly state their industrial impact and exploitation perspective for the involved manufacturing companies, based on their expected benefit from leveraging computational engineering and production services and workflows powered by the CloudiFacturing technology.

Why to participate?

Selected proposers (third parties) will have the opportunity

  • to investigate and gather experience with HPC/Cloud Computing technologies for their use case;
  • to explore technical benefits, e.g. better assessment of the producibility and production process optimization by more accurate simulation results using HPC/Cloud resources;
  • to exploit information discovered in factory data to improve processes;
  • to assess Cloud-­‐based business settings and their impact; and
  • to leverage the CloudiFacturing Digital Marketplace being developed as a new distribution channel.

What does CloudiFacturing offer?

  • Vendor independent Cloud infrastructure already containing engineering and simulation applications and services on which new experiments can be built to extend the range of service offerings via the CloudiFacturing Digital Marketplace.
  • A tailored HPC/Cloud infrastructure (with a contractual environment protecting IPR).
  • Independent evaluation of experiments against your requirements.
  • Experiences from more than 30 experiments
  • Consultancy on business models.
  • Participation in the I4MS ecosystem (

If you are interested in our Open Call or you have questions, please contact one of our local DIHs spread all over Europe:

For southwest Europe:

For south of Europe:

For southeast and northeast Europe:

For northwest and north Europe:

These DIHs will support you with your questions and ideas and they will help you to prepare a high-quality proposal for experiments that well suit our call and have a high potential impact.
If you are interested or you have questions, you can also contact us at:

The CloudiFacturing Consortia has already published the Guide for Applicants, Proposal Template, First Technical description, First Open Call Fact Sheet, Model Contract, FAQ and the Webinar videos on its web page to help you clear your doubts and build a successful proposal. Click here so you can take a look at these documents.

Summary of the Open Call facts.
Summary of the Open Call facts.



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Who is invited to participate via Open Call?

As I4MS is a European initiative for SMEs, especially to promote information and communication technologies for and in manufacturing SMEs, the following types of organizations and companies are entitled to become 3rd parties:

  • End users (manufacturing companies): SMEs, mid-caps and big companies from Member States and associated States are entitled to become 3rd parties. These end users pose the use case to be executed in the application experiment proposed via an Open Call.
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs): SMEs, mid-caps and big companies from Member States and associated States are entitled to become 3rd parties. These ISVs provide the cloudified or to be clodufied software for solving the challenge of the end user.
  • Engineering consultants: SMEs and mid-caps from Member States and associated States are entitled to become 3rd parties. These engineering consultants provide the domain expertise to solve the challenge of the end user with the software provided by the ISV. In some cases, a single company may play both roles: the one of the ISV and the one of the engineering consultant.
  • Research organizations from Member States and associated States are entitled to become 3rd parties. These organizations may contribute their domain expertise to solve the challenge of the end user. Alternatively they may also support with their skills the extension of the software to be able to solve the end user’s challenge or to cloudify the software. The software may be provided by an ISV, the research organization themselves or an Open Source community.
  • Any organization from Member States and associated States that will act as a Digital Innovation Hub is entitled to become 3rd party.