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6th. DIH Workshop 2019

The CloudiFacturing Digital Marketplace was introduced by our partner clesgo to European Digital Innovation Hubs and regions at the 6th meeting of the Working Group on Digital Innovation Hubs in Brussels on April 3rd, 2019. The purpose of the meeting was to present available marketplaces across Europe and to reflect on the role that Digital Innovation Hubs should play on these.

The presented opportunities for Digital Innovation Hubs and regions from the perspective of the CloudiFacturing Digital Marketplace are the following:

  • create dedicated blog/article/landing page(s) in the language of your region
  • guide participants of your region in adopting ICT solutions remotely
  • moderate networking functionalities addressing your region
  • offer webinars and training activities targeting your region
  • access complementary expertise from other regions
  • advertise opportunities within your region
  • interact with other regional stakeholders
  • promote your value proposition

During the event, the EU Commission launched the DIHNET community platform for Digital Innovation Hubs (, in order to allow these to meet, exchange, discuss, and identify collaboration opportunities across the European Union.