Cloudification of 
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Predictive Digital

First Open Call is already closed

Dear Applicants, if you missed our Webinar, here are the recordings: 
If you have any questions about the Open Call, please get in contact with us:

CloudiFacturing launched its First Open Call with the purpose of finding 7 new application experiments in "cloudification of production engineering for predictive digital manufacturing". The opening date started the 1st. of July 2018 and closed on the 30th September 2018. The experiments will run for 12 months.

These are the documents that were needed for the 2018 Open Call. Similar documents will be needed for the 2019 Open Call, however here are the documents for you to consult and get acquainted with them. 

If you are interested in our Open Call 2019 or you have questions, please contact one of our local DIHs spread all over Europe:

For southwest Europe:

For south of Europe:

For southeast and northeast Europe:

For northwest and north Europe:

These DIHs will support you with your questions and ideas and they will help you to prepare a high-quality proposal for experiments that well suit our call and have a high potential impact.