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Video Tutorials

First and Second Open Call Webinar

On this section you will be able to consult the two webinars released for the First and Second Open Call. The first one took place in summer 2018, and the second in summer 2019.

Each of them are divided in two sections:

  • The first one is given by Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Stork; he explains all about the CloudiFacturing project, as well as the application process and the role of the DIHs
  • The second part is given by Prof. Tamas Kiss, and he points out in a clear way everything that has to do with the application papers; in conjunction with filling them up, and when and how should they be sent.

We hope these videos will be useful for you, and through them be able to apply to the Second Open Call in a successful way.

First Open Call Webinar 2018

Second Open Call Webinar 2019

First Open Call Webinar 2018 – 2nd part

How and when to apply for the 2nd Open Call 2019

How does the Project support its participants? (2019)

How can companies get involved? (2019)