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Webinar Digital Transformation Services & Marketplaces for Manufacturing EU SMEs

In this era of digitalization, to keep your company updated is not only a challenge, but a must. To become competitive against big transnationals and at the same time, help to the development of your surrounding is one of the main concerns the European Union has for the next decade.

If you have a manufacturing SME and it is struggling to become digital, this Webinar is for you. Maybe you have found a solution already, but you don’t the means to afford the equipment or software needed. This webinar is for you too!

I4MS will offer a webinar with experts about this subject, like Andreas Ocklenburg from CloudiFacturing. They will show their digital transformation services for manufacturing SMEs in Europe. You will also be able to shoot all your questions and doubts, and maybe the solution you are looking for is there. Do not miss this last opportunity to get acquainted with I4MS services and join us!

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About I4MS

ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs (I4MS) is an initiative funded by the European Commission to expand the digital innovation of manufacturing SMEs in Europe.

As an SME or a mid-cap you can apply for technological and financial support to experiment with different technologies and services that might help you in digitising your business. Join I4MS Community to learn more!