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Experiment 12, RINA attending AIAS 2019

The AIAS National Conference will gather professionals from both Mechanical Design and Machine Construction fields. The company RINA from Experiment 12 will participate among the main sponsors and will give 2 important presentations that will be held on topics of great interest.

The Industrial Design team will introduce the new CAE up project, within the CloudiFacturing program, while the Advanced Mechanics will present a project on Analysis of the microcavities fraction in structural steels and their evolution during plastic deformation until breakdown.

AIAS stands for Italian Scientific Society of Mechanical Design and Machine Manufacturing and brings together university professors and researchers of the SSD ING-IND / 14.

The Association proposes itself as an interlocutor at an institutional level, able to represent the points of view, the needs and the proposals of those in Italy who are involved, in the academic field, in Mechanical Design and Machine Construction. AIAS intends to create the meeting place for all those involved in scientific and professional activities on the topic.

This year’s Conference will be held in the beautiful city of Assisi from September 4-7, 2019.