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2nd CloudiFacturing Code Camp

Cloudifacturing London Second Code Camp


After four months, the Second CloudiFacturing Code Camp will be ready to take place in urban London and hosted by our partner, the University of Westminster. The meeting will be held from 8-10 October, 2019 and various topics will be addressed by our Core Partners, Competence Centers and DIHs.

Just to put in a reference to our readers, the Code Camps are very important for the CloudiFacturing project since they are short, intensive collaborative learning events in which all our participants work effectively in groups. They are focused on the development and in the technical and business aspects of the project and they offer presentations and it is provided access to technical content.

To make things easier to consult, we provide the Agenda for the London Code Camp so you can consult it anywhere, anytime:




Schedule Lecture / Agenda item Speaker
9:00-9:30 Welcome and Overview All participants
9:30-11:15 Parallel sessions (SemWES and CloudBroker/Flowbster). Presentation of current technical integration with the execution engines. Experiments 7-14
11:15-11:30 Coffee break
11:30-13:00 Round Table sessions, first 3 rounds. 7 tables to be set up. Experiments 7-14
13:00-14:oo Lunch
14:00 - 16:00 Round table sessions, final 4 rounds Experiments 7-14
16:00-16:30 Coffee break
16:30-18:00 Implementation/helpdesk Session 1                                        Each experiment gets time and space to actually progress the implementation of service integration (technical, business, usability, security, etc.). Experts from the Competence Centers are around to consult with te technical people from the experiments and work on resolving issues/implementing solutions. Experiments 7-14, Competence Centers, DIHs
19:00 Social dinner 

Day 2 - 9th October

9:00-11:00 Implementation/helpdesk session 2 For each experiment: people involved in the technical implementation of the solutions - until 4PM; all core partners - (CCs and DIHs) All Day.
11:00-11:30  Coffee break
11:30-13:00 Implementation/helpdesk session 3 All participants
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:00 Wrap up and roadmap preparation for the next round All Participants
15:00-16:00 Final plenary Code Camp - each experiment will present their achievements and their roadmap
16:00-16:30 Farewell to experiment partners & Coffee All Participants
16:30-18:00 Technical Meeting Core partners and DIHs only
Day 3 - 10th October
9:00-16:00 All core partners (CCs and DIHs)
9:00-16:00 Technical meeting SINTEF