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CloudiFacturing presence at ICT 2018 Conference

The conference programme of this ICT 2018 edition will feature 6 plenary sessions on topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Next Generation Internet, Digital Skills and High-Performance Computing. Speakers from policy circles, academia, civil society, and industry will highlight their perspectives and priorities, and discuss how each can contribute to the successful digital transformation of Europe. CloudiFacturing had space along with I4MS at this event to show how does the project has worked so far and what comes in the future. DIHs had a very interesting session called “Digital Innovations now and in the future”. Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) are at the core of the Digitising European Industry initiative. They help companies – especially SMEs – all across Europe to digitalize their products, processes, and services through innovative digital technologies.

The event will host IMAGINE18, the annual conference of the Austrian ICT community. This year’s edition will revolve around the theme “Technologies bridging Generations”. Leading digital experts, policymakers, and researchers, together with young students, will reflect on future scenarios and developments in the field of ICT. Through workshops and an idea marathon, participants from different age groups, cultures, and areas of expertise will exchange their ideas for true innovation to happen.

For more information about the programme, please click here.