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Q&A Session with CloudiFacturing and LCM

I4MS funding opportunities: the success story of LCM supported by Cloudifacturing.

We invite you to join the Q&A session hosted by I4MS presenting Andreas Ocklenburg (CloudiFacturing) and Hubert Mitterhofer (LCM) answering and discussing open questions from the public about these two topics:

  • Advantages of cloud-based simulation for SMEs and potential applications
  • Cloud-based simulation technologies: the example of LCM in Cloudifacturing

They will not only answer your questions, but they will talk about other topics like explaining how CloudiFacturing supported LCM, how the Marketplace can support SMEs, applications of the CloudiFacturing technology, as well as LCM sharing their unique experience within the project.

The date for this event will be on February 20th at 12 PM CET and will have a duration of 45 minutes.

You can register for this session here.

You can participate in this event by preparing your questions and asking them online!

We will be waiting for you!