Cloudification of 
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Progress in the Digital Marketplace

On the 7th and 8th of November, the 3rd. Cloudifacturing Technical Meeting took place in the Fraunhofer Institute’s installations in Darmstadt, Germany. This two days all the technical partners who are part of the development of the new Digital Marketplace, discussed their work and achievements done and presented solutions for the future. The main subject of the meeting was the integration of the modules to a working business solution.

CloudiFacturing third Technical Meeting.

The first day, the agenda and goals were presented by Jon Hjelmervik, Robert Schnitty and André Stork. Short presentations to give an overview about the current development status of the CloudiFacturing solution were presented. On the first session the working groups presented their already developed modules for the upcoming Marketplace.

After lunch, there were miscellaneous issues to be discussed and settled. At the end of the day, the message flows was described and a presentation from it was made.

On the second day, there were discussions about the unconcluded issues from the day before and the future of the Marketplace solution  was brought to the table.

To make closure, all the groups reflected on how they worked together so far. Success was reached with the first version of the Marketplace defined to be published in 2019.