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WEBINAR! AI for Manufacturing: the I4MS viewpoint

Are you planning to apply for the ICT-38-2020 call “AI for Manufacturing”?

Don’t miss the opportunity to get the insights from different projects, from cloud-based simulation to IoT and additive manufacturing, under this phase of I4MS Initiative!

Join Mr. Sergio Gusmeroli (from FIWARE Foundation and Politecnico di Milano, partner in I4MS and MIDIH), Ms. Marianne Koch (from IGD Fraunhofer, Coordinator of Cloudifacturing), Mr. Nenad Stojanovic (Nissatech, Partner in MIDIH) and Ulrich Thombansen (ILT Fraunhofer, Coordinator of AMable) to discuss how to integrate state-of-the-art AI technologies in the manufacturing domain.


MIDIH “Manufacturing Industry Digital Innovation Hubs” aims at realizing services to support the ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs.

About AMable

AMable aims to support European SMEs in the uptake of additive manufacturing technologies by providing a number of services from design to finish.

About I4MS

ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs (I4MS) is an initiative promoted by the European Commission to expand the digital innovation of manufacturing SMEs in Europe.