Cloudification of 
Production Engineering
Predictive Digital

Welcome to the new Second Wave Experiments!

After being selected and approved, the 7 new experiments started and we want to welcome them! They will constitute the Second Wave and will have a duration of one year, exactly like the ones before them.

The experiments are the following:

Experiment 8

  • FLOWCALOP – Flowforming process calibration via cloud optimization

Experiment 9

  • CAPSUle – Cloudification of image analysis for human measure collection fo Personalized Safety protection clothing enineering an production

Experiment 10

  • SHION – Smart Thermoplastic Injection

Experiment 11

  • CloudEcho – Cloudified Analysis of Multi-sensorial Data for Optimised manufacturing

Experiment 12

  • Update of CAE Models on Actual Manufactured Shapes

Experiment 13

  • OSICS – Optimisation of the Production Process of Metal Structures using OSICE

Experiment 14

  • Twin_in_Fog – Data Twin-based and Fog computing driven Proactive Control and Maintenance in Laser-based manufacturing

More information about the Experiments of the Second Wave will follow next weeks with an extended version of each experiment.

Welcome and good luck on this new project!