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CloudiFacturing 2nd. Technical Meeting

On the 8th and 9th of May the 2nd. CloudiFacturing Technical Meeting took place in Oslo, Norway. Jon Hjelmervik from SINTEF was the host this time and greeted everyone with highs spirits and good weather.

On Tuesday 8th, the meeting focused on defining users stories, describing the expected functionalities of the platform. The first day, Sebastian Pena from clesgo started with the Digital Marketplace talk. He presented the common view of the Digital Marketplace,

Participants in the sessions held by Jon Hjelmervik.

including the categorisation of the different customers. After this presentation, working

groups were formed in which SZTAKI, Lund University and University of Bologna where participants. After this dynamic took place, Jon Hjelmervik presented the collected user stories and continued with open discussions and plenary sessions which the University of Nottingham, SINTEF and SUPSI along with clesgo took active part on them.

On Wednesday, the technical implications of the user stories were discussed and a road map for the platform was defined.

Thanks for SINTEF and Jon Hjelmervik for hosting us and to all the participants for joining our 2nd. CloudiFacturing Technical Meeting!