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We invite you to the Cascade Funding Workshop at HMI!

In the framework of the Hannover Messe Industrie’s activities, we would like to invite you to the Cascade Funding Workshop which will take place in the European’s Commission Booth (Hall 6, G46) on the 24th and 25th April at 10:30am with 50 minutes duration. This workshop will be hosted by I4MS and our CloudiFacturing partners Marco Barbagelata from Stam S.r.L and Elena Femenía from Innsomnia will share a talk about CloudiFacturing project and the Cloud based simulation use case.

  • The first session (24th) will start at 10:30 with an introduction, description of the learning objectives and setting the agenda. It will be presented by the hosts Mayte Carracedo from Fundingbox and Stephan Karmann from Hahn. Schickard.
  • As next subjects, each will be a 10 minutes explanation from Mayte Carracedo for “The I4MS initiative and the Cascade funding system”, followed by Stephen Karmann’s “THESAE initiative and its innovation actions”.
  • At 10:55am, Maximilian Jung will expose the “SAE use case (funded by FED4SAE-SAE)“, followed by Vera Pinto from Cyber-Physical who will present the “Production System in Footwear Manufacturing” (Funded by BeinCPPS-I4MS) at 11:00am.
  • The next presentation will be hosted by Marco Barbagelata from Stam S.r.L. and will talk about the “CloudiFacturing projects & Cloud based simulation use case (funded by Cloudflow-I4MS)”.
  • There will be five minutes dedicated for Q&A and at 11:20 the workshop will close.

On the 25th the Workshop program will stay the same with a few changes in the subjects “CloudiFacturing project & Cloud based simulation use case (funded by Cloudflow-I4MS” will be hosted by Elena Femenía from Innsomnia and for the 11:00am, Thierry Marotin (Pernoud) will talk about the “IoT use case” and at 11:10am Marc Sawyer (University of Edinburgh) will expose “HPC use cases “.

We hope you can join us and learn more about how to access fundings for developing your SME.