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Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) are the core of the Digitising European Industry initiative. They are the ones which are already helping other companies (specially SMEs) to transform their services, products and processes through innovative techniques. They are a unique regional structure. Any company can easily benefit from their specialised support when it comes to understanding how can they access digital technologies, and how to finance and boost investments needed to address the digital transformation of the business. Learn more about our DIHs here.

Innsomnia is a Business Accelerator, Incubator and Digital Hub located in Valencia, Spain, working to improve innovation in the region of Valencia and support SMEs, and in particular industrial SMEs, to uptake the use of ICT and face the challenges of digitisation.

We are located in the business and startup ecosystem of Valencia “La Marina” and have our own collaborative space (+4.000 m2) where we work to increase innovation and access to finance capacities of SMEs, mid-caps, start-ups and other agents; to conduct a permanent scouting worldwide to identify the most innovative solutions and companies (start ups, spin offs, scale ups, etc.) to attract talent to the city of Valencia and Spain; and run Digitisation Programmes and Training for Entrepreneurs and High Executives to make them know the last innovation advances and make the appropriate decisions to grow in the new economy.

Since 2017, we are “Digital Innovation Hub” in the frame of the CloudiFacturing project within H2020-FoF-12 Call (Factories of the Future) and the I4MS initiative (ICT for Manufacturing SMEs), where we have informed and trained over 500 SMEs from all over Spain helping businesses to draw the full benefits from digital innovation and contributing to the implementation of the DEI – Digitizing European Industry initiative.

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Elena Femenía

Innsomnia Headquarters:

Muelle de Poniente Poblados Marítimos
46024 Valencia, Spain
0034 960 420 421