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STAM Success Story

Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) are the core of the Digitising European Industry initiative. They are the ones which are already helping other companies (specially SMEs) to transform their services, products and processes through innovative techniques. They are a unique regional structure. Any company can easily benefit from their specialised support when it comes to understanding how can they access digital technologies, and how to finance and boost investments needed to address the digital transformation of the business. Learn more about our DIHs here.

After almost 20 years of success, the company joined the I4MS community in 2015, with the FP7 project CloudFlow. Thanks to the successful experiment run in CloudFlow, STAM could improve their positioning in the transmission systems sector.

The collaboration with key players from the I4MS community, including RTOs and resource providers, progressed then in the H2020 CAxMan project. There STAM provided a use-case for the development of computer-aided technologies for Additive Manufacturing and led the demonstration phase applied to the use-cases.

As of today, STAM has successfully supported 30+ SME innovation projects, completed 50+ industrial collaborations and established a network of 320+ organisations. Thanks to these impressive achievements, the company was offered the role of Digital Innovation Hub in the H2020 CloudiFacturing project. We felt that this role was very natural for STAM, as we have strong expertise and, within private projects, it is our role to select, coordinate, improve and evaluate proposals and support their life-cycle.

Our goal within the CloudiFacturing project is to engage cross-border application experiments, and to support their execution, in order to further mature and validate the holistic solution with a clear commercialization purpose. The region which Stam is responsible is the south of Europe.

Stam Headquarters:

Piazza della Vittoria, 14/11
16121 Genova - Italy
Tel: +39 010 3694967
Fax: +39 010 3626539

Contact for the south of Europe:

Marco Barbagelata